Adventures of a Simulated Astronaut
—the view on Mauna Loa of the HI-SEAS, the Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation – to continue until May 2015

How do six researchers live inside a dome for eight months and still get along?! Their answers can help us prepare for long-term flights aboard spaceships and improve our Earth-bound relationships … consider this exchange I had with Zak:

MJ: How do you all work out leadership roles? With all the talent inside, what management works well? Not so well?

Zak: We have a commander than was chosen by the selection committee with input from the rest of us. Other than that pretty much all duties rotate. It is rather nice to not be stuck with the same role all the time. When making decisions it is pretty much always a discussion rather than an executive decision by the commander. Since the group is so small this has worked well for us thus far.