I’m often called upon to speak about my latest experiment, called Gravity Games, which is aboard the International Space Station, my personal transformation from stay at home Mom to Aviator and how I would encourage others to follow their dreams. The three presentations below are examples that can be delivered for your event. I can also customize a presentation specifically for your audience.

Flying through Fear: Life Imagined Sooner… or Later
In this talk I address overcoming your fears and the doubts that rule your world. We discuss how to break habits and pre-conceived notions of what we ‘should be doing’ and explore the possibilities of what we ‘could be doing.’ For: entrepreneurs, leaders, and new careers for the 2nd half of life.

Keys to Success at School, and Beyond, for STEM Students
I enjoy speaking to young minds and inspiring them into math and science. Particularly, this is an area where I encourage young women to unleash their imaginations and show them the opportunities that lie before them if they follow a STEM career. For: students, especially for females in STEM, and for their parents.

On the Edge of the New Space Age
In this talk, I speak to my adventures in space and where I see human exploration in ten, twenty and one hundred years. I discuss my project ‘Gravity Games’ which is a project that recently launched and joined the International Space Station and the benefits yielded by this of venture. For: those who wonder about space and the possibilities beyond our world. For students to be inspired and teachers to engage young minds.

MJ’s Story of Transformation

Story of TransformationMJ Marggraff, pilot, author and panelist at The National Association of Women Business Owners – Winter 2016 talks about the importance of following what you love and has an exciting new space experiment going up soon. “We vastly underestimate what we are capable of doing and becoming,” says MJ. “Do not believe that because you are doing what you are doing now, that you cannot become what you want to become.”

MJ Marggraff is often called upon to speak about her latest experiences. She transformed from a stay at home Mom to Aviator and now she encourages others to follow their dreams.

“M.J. Marggraff gave a wonderful talk, “Finding the Wow: How Dreams Take Flight at Midlife,” at the Chautauqua Women’s Club on July 21, 2018. Her lecture was well attended and the audience truly engaged with her inspiring journey to becoming a pilot and the obstacles that she overcame. M.J.’s enthusiasm and curiosity for life is contagious. Her genuine interactions with the Chautauqua community during her stay empowered us all to dig deep to rekindle our own lost dreams. M.J. is an inspiration to all. We hope to have her back!”
— Kelly Himebaugh, Vice Chair of Development, Chautauqua Women’s Club

“In a universe filled with billions of possibilities, it’s still rare when you get to work with someone like M.J. Her story touched everyone in attendance. She shared the “possibilities” we all have on this tiny blue dot we call earth. Her humor, story telling and insights entertained us and gave us all reason to ponder the path each of us takes. M.J. is personable, fun and full of energy. She wears a lot of hats and draws from all her experience. If you are looking for an author, instructor, aviator or motivational speaker, I highly recommend M.J. Marggraff.”
— Jay Lifson, Executive Director at Lafayette Chamber of Commerce

“MJ was the keynote speaker for the AAUW Tech Trek awards program, where 8th grade girls were presented with scholarships to attend science and math camp. She gave a wonderful presentation that was thrilling, informative, and inspiring. Her enthusiasm for science and technology is contagious! So many people came up to tell me after the meeting how much they enjoyed her talk. The girls were delighted with MJ’s stories of learning to fly and training for space flight. One highlight of her presentation was the video taken of her enjoying arduous space training in the NASTAR flight simulator, a centrifuge where she experienced 5G, five times the normal force of gravity. She encouraged all scholarship winners to do what it takes to follow their dreams.”
— Sandy Fox­-Sohner, Founder of Fox Consulting

“Great presentation! Everyone I spoke with loved it.”
— Kathy Merchant, Chabot Space and Science Center.

Your story is an amazing story that I believe many can take to heart. I appreciate your kindness towards the youth and wanting to inspire them as part of your focus. You have definitely inspired me and I am extremely grateful. Talking about my generation, where things are going, how to include more people in your work, inspire the youth in STEM… and building connections. Connections like these make my life beautiful and special…”
— Daniel, Chabot Space and Science Center