Boomers can find new purpose in unexpected ways
MJ Marggraff’s “Finding the Wow: How Dreams Take Flight at Midlife”

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Many baby boomers are looking for a new purpose in order to reinvent a second act in midlife. Some members of this large generation have experienced early retirement for a variety of reasons. Individual challenges that present reasons for a second act in another career or a dream to follow in retirement, or just the need to reinvent a new life due to a divorce or illness can cause people to lose a dream. MJ Marggraff’s new book “Finding the Wow: How Dreams Take Flight at Midlife” is a great read for people who are looking for a new direction in their life.

MJ Marggraff left corporate life to be a stay-at-home mom and her new life revolved around a planner full of activities that centered around the children. She misplaced her planner one day and while searching, began to think about the fact that if she found the planner, her life would remain the same. Midlife was approaching, and she began to think about a new planner that would be filled with activities that could be the beginning of a dream career that she had put on hold for many years. Her lifelong dream had been to learn to fly an airplane. This dream had been put on hold because of education, career, husband, and children.

Marggraff gets together with a group of friends to discuss dreams that each has put on hold and they become “Chicks in Charge” as she puts before them her idea to become a pilot. Her friends present a variety of ideas that can get in the way of her dream to become a pilot, but she dismisses all of these excuses. Each chapter in “Finding the Wow: How Dreams Take Flight at Midlife” is filled with her adventures on the way to following her dream. Her story is a model for others who want to put some “wow” into the second half of their life. Marggraff has been featured in “O Magazine” and has appeared on NBC and Fox News. She is also the recipient of a Reader’s Choice Award for best humor in “Aviatrix Aerogram”. “Finding the Wow: How Dreams Take Flight at Midlife” was published by Big Table Publishing Company and has an ISBN of 978-0-9886191-9-7. You may learn more about MJ Marggraff by visiting her website at www.mjmarggraff.com.