Press Release

Mj Marggraff’s Finding The Wow: How Dreams Take Flight At Midlife, Earns Recognition as a Foreword Indies Book Of 2016


Finding the Wow, from the Big Table Publishing, Boston, Company, received recognition as a finalist in the Humor category. Author, MJ Marggraff shared her story about her personal journey from stay-at-home mom to commercial aviation pilot, educator and now a project leader for an experiment aboard the International Space Station.

Margrraff explains, “My life changed at 45 when I decided to follow a childhood dream to learn to fly.” Marggraff continued “I couldn’t have imagined where that first lesson would take me. I’ve gone from the sky to the stars. Somedays it seems surreal, but I hope by sharing my story it will motivate others to follow their dreams.” said Marggraff.

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For more information about MJ Marggraff and Finding the Wow (available through Amazon books) visit: mjmarggraff.com