Press Release

SEDS Announces Their First STEAM International Competition for 2019-2020 GravityGames 2.0: Inno-ventions for Space


Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS), the largest student-led STEM organization in the world, is currently taking steps to embark on a new, inno-vention challenge. SEDS will host the first ever international competition for its 105 chapters spanning 28 countries worldwide. Since tomorrow’s space challenges will require collaborations SEDS students will share access to the challenge and reach out to local high school students to join them. Together they will design the next GravityGames 2.0, ‘Inno-ventions for Space’.

Space expeditions to the Moon and Mars requires imagination and dedicated efforts of aerospace inventors and leaders. Preparing for these challenges requires inspiring the future workforce who are college students today and future college students currently attending high school. SEDS believes that a STEAM education challenge will encourage the younger generations of explorers by collaborating with high school youth and introduce them to the exciting future of space, work with them to invent new creative ideas, and learn how revolutionary technologies will play critical roles in the success of future space explorations. The outcome expected is to not only create-for-space but inspire interest in high school students to study STEM disciplines that are required to fill many aerospace jobs.

Additive manufacturing will help provide that inspiration too. Astronauts will face several challenges when they explore and live on the Moon and Mars and will need to rely on their ability to invent and manufacture tools, utensils, spare parts and other objects to work autonomously when supply chains will not be available. SEDS will utilize the Additive Manufacturing Facility (AMF) by Made In Space, Inc., aboard the International Space Station (ISS) to help inspire students of the possibilities additive manufacturing affords for those living in the harsh space environment.

Combining the cutting edge technology of the AMF on the International Space Station with SEDS students world-wide who partner with local high school students with a hands-on competition and challenge participants to design useful space creations that will be made in space to provide aid in space. The winning team’s design will be selected for manufacture, with approval, aboard the ISS.

Many preparations are underway for a return to the Moon and then on to Mars: Inspiring students about space, encouraging the to study STEM, and innovating for space are among the most important. One of SEDS’ contributions to future successes in space will include the international competition to promote inspiration, access, and innovation with GravityGames 2.0.

The current timeline sits with kickoff in October 2019, design submissions and final print selection by April 2020, and print completion by August 2020.

Gautham Viswaroopan | Chair of the Council of Chapters